Valerie Mayen

Valerie Mayen

Owner/Founder of Yellowcake Shop & Project Runaway Alumna

Adapting a Creative Business


The ability to adapt a creative business to suit changing markets and clientele has always been important. Now it is critical. Learn some principles from YellowCake Founder Valerie Mayen.




Valerie Mayén is the owner and founder of YellowcakeShop Clothing (YC), the signature line of sustainable women’s clothing and accessories. Valerie’s childhood passion for recreating her clothing led to success in designing and producing a curated offering of essential and versatile clothing and accessories for the everyday professional woman. Valerie is an alumna of Project Runway. Her garments are handmade in the United States with a keen attention to detail, superior construction, and timeless design. Every purchase made supports Yellowcake’s larger mission to alleviate social issues and environmental challenges here and abroad.


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