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Sylvie Hart

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Sylvie Hart is a personal stylist who works with women to boost their confidence with style so they can look and feel amazing from the inside out. Her mission is to help women visually connect with the BEST version of themselves. She does this by helping her clients uncover their personal style and build wardrobes that align with who they are and their lifestyle.


Sylvie brings 20 years of corporate experience when styling her clients. She knows firsthand the importance of using your wardrobe as a communication tool. And, using your daily outfits to make an impact on your confidence, productivity, and future self. Sylvie believes clothing is more than what you put on your body. When you feel comfortable and confident in how you look, there is a ripple effect in who you aspire to be and what you can accomplish. When not working with clients, Sylvie is a wife and mom of two busy boys. She loves journaling, daily walks, reading, cooking, and Pinterest!