Mireille Wozniak-Michalak

Owner & Founder, PetioleHR

Believe in Your Worth


We all know deep down what we are worth. So why do we discount ourselves when pitching a potential client, meeting a prospective employer or seeking a raise? In this session, Mireille Wozniak-Michalak will help you uncover what is holding you back and what you can do to prepare to demand what you are worth.




Mireille Wozniak-Michalak has been working with entrepreneurs for most of her career whether as an in-house employee or a consultant. Her forte is human resources and how it applies to company processes and policies.


Her mission has been to advocate for the implementation of processes and policies to create a workplace environment of consistency and accountability for all, where everyone can concentrate on the growth and success of the organization, its employees and customers.


Mireille has been working in the human resource field for over 25 years. She has worked in various industries that range from medical to real estate and everything in between. She has worked with solo entrepreneurs and organizations that have 1 to 400 employees.