Mandi Curry

Masters Student and Inspirational Speaker

A Different Perspective: How a Physical Disability Made Me More Determined




Mandi is a 2015 graduate of the University of Findlay where she earned her Bachelor of Science in animal science. After graduating she went on to work as a management trainee at two different swine barns and as a surgery aide at MedVet. While she loved working with the animals, she struggled to find her path with her animal science degree.


While attending school at the University of Findlay she played softball and cheered. It was there that she was also introduced to powerlifting. After realizing she was actually pretty strong, she fell in love with the sport. She continued to lift after graduating and competed in a hand full of powerlifting meets. This newfound love proved to be extremely important after March of 2018 when her life was turned upside down. Only after this moment did she truly discover her passion. Her love for powerlifting was pivotal in helping her decide where her new path would lead her. She is currently a student at Ohio State University where she is working to earn her master’s degree in human nutrition. She hopes to use this degree to help others who find themselves in a situation similar to hers.