Karlyn Lorion

Dear Wild Heart



Karlyn Lorion is a coach for leading women & entrepreneurs. She has been an entrepreneur for almost 15 years. Previously owning and operating a landscape design and horticulture business, and although she was able to achieve outward success with it, she found herself pummeled by burnout and left generally unfulfilled. In 2019 she gave herself the permission to pivot and went on to found Dear Wild Heart, a thriving & fulfilling business that helps other women do the same. Her passion is helping women align their head, heart, and feet so that they can create lives they are WILD about. Her work helps women start, grow, & scale their businesses while also preserving their sanity. She combines multiple modalities and coaching methods along with marketing skills and business strategy to help women transcend old stories of self doubt, fear, and shame so they can build businesses AND THRIVE.


When she isn’t working, Karlyn is hiking with family or friends, traveling, writing, or creating in some way.