Jennah Lear

Blue Loui Studio



Jennah Lear is the Owner behind Blue Loui Studio. As a Brand Strategist, purpose driven entrepreneurs hire her to grow a powerful brand to position yourself as the go to expert and attract dreamy clients with ease.


Blue Loui Studio is fiercely devoted to empowering women and promoting confidence in all aspects of life and business. We know it starts with believing in yourself; when you do that, magical things start to happen.




“I want women entrepreneurs to know that there is power in your brand. That by investing in it, embracing it, and leading with it, you’re making a power move. And……I’ve made it my mission to support fempreneurs on that journey.”

-Jennah Lear, Owner + Brand Strategist, Blue Loui Studio


Outside of business, Jennah….


+ Is a pet mama: “Olive” + “Blue”

+ Loves basketball and the CLE Cavs

+ All things halloween

+ Needs more beaches in her life


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