Heather Venesile

Heather Venesile

The Gladdening



Heather Venesile is a singer, songwriter, poet, and author of her upcoming music-integrated breakthrough book, The Gladdening: Hearing the Voice of Gladness.


After undergoing complex cranial surgery that left her single-sided deaf, it was spiritually made clear to her that she was to spend the rest of her life in service to her calling by helping to usher-in the promise of Gladness.


Heather invested 20 years of her career the fields of sales, marketing, recruitment and also as a working musician. She advises and coaches people of all ages how to express the inexpressible – a person’s gut-felt dream or goal just waiting to be known – especially to those that cannot see or sense how it can be accomplished. Heather’s ecosystem of creative works can be found at www.thegladdening.com.