Captain Courtney Schoch

Airline Captain, Author, Philanthropist & Leadership Consultant

Resilience is Your Superpower


The experiences, challenges and fear you encounter have the ability to empower or destroy you. Your response is what makes the difference between living a life of vitality and success or barely making it through the day. In this keynote, Captain Courtney Schoch will tell you about the choices she made and how to draw on your own resilience.




Captain Courtney Schoch is an airline captain, philanthropist and leadership consultant and author of the autobiography This is Your Captain Speaking. Driven by an abusive and troublesome past, she takes pride in encouraging others to harness the energy of fear and doubt into progressive action. Courtney is a fierce advocate for adult education and uses her leadership skills and life experiences to inspire others to never settle for less than what they can be and be more than they thought possible.

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